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I sent a Cease and Desist letter to a confirmed scam collection agency. The letter was sent via certified mail. I received confirmation that the agency picked up the letter and signed for it on 8/3/2012. Today, 8/10/2012 I received another call from this same 'firm' at my place of business. They don't speak...they just call and I hear dead air. I know its the same scam company because their phone number shows up on my caller ID at work. How do I get this to stop? I've already reported them to the Attorney General's office AND the FTC. Now what? I'm from Pennsylvania.

Asked on 8/10/12, 10:43 am

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You do not indicate what the details are regarding the debt or what they were doing in particular. Just because someone signed for a letter on 8/3 does not mean it filtered down to the representative assigned to the case. It may take a week. Did you use the magic words "please do not call my workplace as my employer does not allow me to receive calls of a personal nature at work" or words to that effect?

Sue them if they are violating the FDCPA. I don't know what you mean by "scam" collection agency. There are some decent ones who abide by the law and then there are sleazoids who don't. Then there are people like payday lenders who don't abide by any laws and who are overseas.

However, if you have done things properly to assert your rights and the collection agency still calls, then your remedy is to get a lawyer and sue for violation of the FDCPA. If you have reported them to the PA attorney general and FTC, then both those agencies will sit on it until they get a lot of complaints from a lot of people. So you will have to protect your rightsw by suing. Under the FDCPA, if a violation is established you can recover your actual damages or up to $1000, depending on the violation as well as attorney's fees.

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Answered on 8/10/12, 10:09 pm

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