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It is leagal for your account to be seized and your property to be taken for a credit card? I know that I paid off credit cards from back in 2008 2009 they were in me and my sons name I had sent the payments by money gram I no longer have the receipts well now they seized my sons account and say that he owed $2000 for the cards and the total for everthing is $8000 how can they do this.

It is not right.

Can we make payment arrangements and stop the seizure even though I know I already paid them off. But I can not prove it.

Asked on 5/19/11, 12:46 pm

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It depends. Does the credit card company have a judgment against you and/or your son? If so, then they can freeze your and your son's bank accounts. If not, then they can't

You should never have paid via money gram without keeping a copy of the money gram. Now you cannot prove that you paid at all unless you got a letter from the creditor or debt collector stating that the debt was paid. Do you have that?

Judgments earn interest at a rate of 6% per your. Before judgment is entered, the credit card company can keep charging interest at the default rate. I cannot think of how else this debt could have grown.

The good news to all of this is that yes, you can resolve this debt to prevent future levies. They cannot seize any amount in the bank which is $300 or less. So you and your son need to keep less than $300 in your accounts. If you/your must bank, choose a very small local bank 25-50 miles from your home or at a credit union. If you live near the border of a neighboring state, it would be even better if you got an out of state bank account. I see you are in the Pittsburgh area - you are not all that far from Ohio or West Virginia so this might be feasible.

You can resolve the debt in a few different ways - you could pay a certain amount per month to stop future levies. You also could save up and try to do a lump sum settlement. It depends on who the creditor/collector is but generally creditors will accept 50% to 80% of whatever the balance is now. If they won't take 50%, then see if you can pay 50% down and pay the rest in installments. If you do not have enough, then keep saving until you have 60% and try again.

If you have the funds now, I also can settle the debt for you for a reasonable fee. If interested, please contact me at [email protected]

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Answered on 5/19/11, 3:35 pm

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