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ok can you tell me if I can beat my case I got 5 charges on me I walked in on my girlfriend and she was having sex with a cousin of mine I flipped out and started fighting with him and she ended up getting hit in the middle of things when it was all done me and my cousin left before the cops came and then I got a call from an officer saying I got a bunch of charges so I turned myself in and got bailed out rite away now there was 2 other people in the house and the all made reports saying I just went in the house and beat her up for no reason and try and make me look bad. didn't mention nothing about my cousin in anything cause it would of made her look bad cause I caught them in action having sex now if I have proof that she lied about what happen that night and there was another person in that house and what really happen do you think I can beat my case just on that if I can prove what really happen if my cousin comes forward and says yes he was there and what really happened and could she get in trouble for not mentioning him in the initial report cause she didn't want to make her self look bad I need answers quick I want to fight this to the end crime of passion or get it thrown out at the prelim if she gets on the stand and lie my lawyer can show my proof and get it thrown out because she and the others lied in the initial police repot

Asked on 9/30/13, 12:37 pm

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If you do not have a criminal law attorney, get one NOW. If you cannot afford a criminal attorney, then one will be appointed if you qualify for a public defender.

Stop talking and posting on the internet. You are going to incriminate yourself. It does not take a very astute district attorney or law enforcement to find this post and use their imagination to twist it into an admission. You have posted way too many details about this.

No lawyer on an internet site is going to tell you that you are going to win here. People lie in court all the time and prosecutors have a 90% or better conviction rate. So what does that signal to you? The odds are not in your favor.

So talk it over with your attorney but not in public.

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Answered on 10/01/13, 1:01 am

Michael Berman Law Offices of Michael A. Berman

Ms. Hunter gave some good advice. Find a lawyer you are comfortable with, and let the lawyer do their job.

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Answered on 10/03/13, 4:02 am

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