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My question involves criminal law for the state of: Pennsylvania. I was at my buddies appmnt complex last night smoking a blunt. A girl had called the cops on us so I quickly got into my car and left. The lady told the cops what I looked like and what car I was in. As i was driving back to my house I was pulled over by a cop. Two minutes later 3 more cops were on the scene. I put up a good verbal fight with the 6 officers that had been standing around my car. I did not let them in until one of them illegally searched my car. He stuck his hand through my window, unlocking my door. He threatened to rip my door open. After he got it open he pulled me out. Upon a considered "illegal search" they found a small amount of weed. The officers were going to charge me with DUI but my dad arrived and helped me out. I am wondering what will happen now. Will the judge be notified about my bad behavior towards the police, will the judge know that I was high at the time and will be charged with a DUI. Can the judge alter a charge? I had been arrested back in 2010 for the same thing. That is now expunged off my record. But will I be placed on probation? Will I get a harsher punishment for being a dick to the officers, + will my license be taken away. I had also sped past the cop and he was the one that turned around to get me. What will happen now? I am 17. "I was not arrested, the officers turned me over to my dad, but still had charged me. Waiting for a summon sooner or later"

Asked on 8/08/13, 6:02 pm

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So why did you said anything to the police. Why you have the right to remain silent. According to Justice Jackson. you should never say anything to the police.

So you say the search was illegal. On what do base that legal conclusion? Do you have any case law to support your position?

You are aware that that the possession and use of Marijuana is illegal in Pennsylvania. Further you broke the law in front of a creditable witness. You drove a vehicle while you were impaired. Putting everyone else on the road in danger.

Yes the judge will know all that. You were immature, selfish and in your own words a dick. You got a DUI what when you were 16? You were given a big break when that was expunged. Why do you think you should be given any break now? While you probably get a fine, probation and community service. That said the real punishment is that you'll be ineligible for Federal Student Loans and other educational grants. If you ever have a custody case in the future you'll have to report that to that court.


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Answered on 8/08/13, 6:49 pm


Please call me. I service your area.

I also have 40 years of juvenile, criminal, and DUI experience. Your actions were not an example to follow for sure but I can help you. I don't know why people treat police with such disrespect and think that they are the victims.

You need to file motions regarding the search and you also need counselling big time.

My cell phone is 215-370-2608.

Web site.

Call me today! I am here to help.

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Answered on 8/09/13, 5:02 am

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