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I had a situation a few months ago where I want to know if I did anything illegal.

Basically, I met this woman while visiting Philadelphia, PA. We met and had a meal, then she came back to my hotel room.

She asked if she could masturbate in front of me, which I said she could. We then took off our clothes, and lay on the bed.

I did ask politely three times if I could have sex with her, or if she would perform oral sex or hand sex on me. Each time, she said no, but I never got angry or argumentative with her. I only asked to make our positions clear.

We did spend most of the time massaging and fondling each other with mutual consent.

I also joked that I wanted to watch her urinate, but after she said no, I told I wasn't really interested anyway.

The last thing I did was ask if I could masturbate in front of her. She said no, which I respected, and therefore didn't.

At the start of the night, we were OK, and even at the end, we jokingly exchanged nicknames.

I apologise if the above is a bit graphic, but I wanted to make sure I got it all in.

I hoping that I didn't do anything wrong, and it all comes down to being in the situation. Also, the fact that I let her do stuff, but I never forced anything on her.

Just one other thing, I am not a US resident, and I'm worried I won't be allowed back in. I was in America for three days after this happened, so I suspect that if anything was going to happen, it would have done by now.

I know I'm almost certainly worrying unnecessarily, but please put my mind at rest, and tell me I didn't do anything wrong.

Asked on 5/05/13, 4:55 pm

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Charles A. Pascal, Jr. Law Office of Charles A. Pascal, Jr.

Nothing illegal there.

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Answered on 5/05/13, 5:04 pm

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