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suspention and expulshion

--name removed--son age 14 was recently suspended from school for ten days. he has been haressed and buiilied by students in this school for 2 1/2 yrs. he has been picked on always at every school he attends. i have him in theropy nowbecause of thoughts of suicide due to his school enviorment. a few weeks after starting this he was over heard by a student saying to a friend of his that he would most likely end up bringing in a gun and killing people like VT. the student said he said this right to him to his mom and they called the school.--name removed--son was suspended for ten days. i got him right to a crices counslor and the say he only said it out of frustration and the school is a hostel enviorment for him and not to send him back. when--name removed--husband went to talk to the princable he said that they would write up agrement saying 10 day suspention 1 day expultion. and home bound school. now they say we have to sign for an expulstion for the rest of the year to proterct them and--name removed--son or else he wont be able to get home bound schooling they tried to get us to hurry up and sign befor we went to the doc. to get his rec for home schooling. they say if we dont sign it will go to hearing and that is the only

Asked on 5/12/07, 9:24 am

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CHARLES WEINER Law Office of Charles Weiner

Re: suspention and expulshion

The laws involving expulsion, school bullying/harrassment and special education involve a set of complex rules and procedures that give school districts an unfair advantage over parents. My law practice is focused on this area of law. If you wish to discuss further details of this matter, feel free to contact me. My initial phone consultation is free.

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Answered on 5/14/07, 6:05 am
Ilene Young Young Law Offices

Re: suspention and expulshion

Your description of what is taking place in your school is, unfortunately, not unusual. But you are very likely correct in believing that his rights are being violated. There are laws to protect your son in this situation, to ensure that he will be protected in the future, and possibly to recoup some of the damage which has been done to him. It is most important, in this situation, that you act to protect your son's rights quickly. Unfortunately, I do not believe that this is a matter that can be addressed without legal representation. There are several lawyers in Pennsylvania who represent students and parents in education law matters which involve, like yours, discipline, civil rights, and educational rights. It is a highly specialized area of law and requires a specialty law office. I represent parents and children in these matters in Southeastern and Eastern Pennsylvania. If this is convenient to you, feel free to give us a call. If you are in another area of Pennsylvania, you may also call for a referral to a knowledgable attorney in your locality.

I wish you the very best in dealing with this difficult situation. Please be assured that there are people who can help you and your child, who have been through the identical situation and know how to respond.

Ilene Young

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Answered on 5/14/07, 10:42 am

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