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Neglectful Father files for Full Custody- Son is 16.5 years old

Thank you for this service. My 16 yr son had some growing pains- tried cigarettes and adult sites. Rather than face a scolding, he took off to find his father. My son begged his dad for years to visit him, call him, etc but his father refused. Probably because he was hiding gay life. He lives in a crime ridden area, and with a 3rd roommate, all 3 are alcoholics. They took my son to a bar, bought him cigarettes and gave him a room in a moldy basement with water leaking overhead. His father told him he was going to put a bullet between my eyes because he blamed me for his problems. He hired my son out for day work doing brickpointing on buildings using ladders with no safety equipment. He promised my son a tattoo and took him downtown, but filed for FULL CUSTODY instead. My son ran back home. Now I have to appear in court. I never kept my son from his dad. I begged him to visit/call his son! If he shows up in court, how do I do what is best for my son? I'd allow him to call or visit anytime, but no bars or cigarettes. BTW-I raised my son to have compassion for alcoholics and to respect homosexuals to prepare him for all this. My son doesn't want to see him now, but I think the door should be left open as long as my son is safe.

Asked on 3/26/05, 5:24 pm

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Re: Neglectful Father files for Full Custody- Son is 16.5 years old

When deciding custody cases, the court is guided by the best interests of the child. Some of the considerations are: who has been the primary caregiver, depth of the loving and trusting parent/child relationship, the stability of the home environment, the child's preference, and the ability to foster the well being of the child. These will be the considerations in your case as well.

As with all court matters, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney to discuss the details of your particular case.

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Answered on 3/29/05, 4:49 pm

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