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I really need some help writing an eviction notice for the state of pennsylvania. I spoke to an attorney about our legal rights and we can evict but our circumstances are different and we are not a landlord/tenant situation so all of the templates do not fit what we need. Our situation is; My father in law and my husband are both owners of his fathers house (on both the deed and the mortgage), my father in laws wife moved into the home when they got married 5 years ago but they have owned the home for 20+ years. This woman has began harassing me to the point that the police are involved and charging her with criminal harassment. My husband told his father he wants her out of the house because she has been ruining his family the entire time she has been here (trust me there is alot more to the story than just this and she is facing jail for it), anyway, his father agreed that she needs to go but we have to write an eviction notice for 30 days to leave. Can anyone help me with how to write this or what needs to be put in the notice? I cant find anything online for this type of eviction and Im not sure if I should quote a law or put an ACT in the notice. I am willing to pay any lawyer on here that would write it for me but we need to give it to her today and no lawyer in my area will even return my calls. Please, anyone that can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Asked on 8/17/13, 8:44 am

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1. You really need a lawyer, because all evictions or similar actions have to strictly follow the statutory requirements. Unless you do this all the time and are totally familiar with the laws, you will mess it up. I don't know what templates you are referring to.

2. The 30 day notice means a full 30-day calendar month, so even if you give notice today, the 30 days would be September 1-30.

3. Why is giving notice TODAY so critical, since it won't achieve anything?

4. Why do YOU have to do this? The house is owned by your husband and his father. And it's his father's wife.

Trust me, whatever else there is to the story, the statutory law still applies, and you personally don't seem to have any standing to do anything.

5. No lawyer will return your calls today, maybe because it's Saturday. That's a weekend, and many lawyers don't work on the weekend.


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Answered on 8/17/13, 9:54 am

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