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Unregistered car and Display of Plate

I was pulled over because the car I was driving was not re-registered (expired after 7/31/08 and the stop was on 10/03/08). The officer said that if the car's registration wasn't renewed, that it would be impounded. After waiting in the car for over 37 minutes with no response from either officer, the tow truck came, the car was towed, and my girlfriend and I were dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

The two tickets I received were under 1301A and 1322A. I have two questions about these.

First, on the back of the ticket it says that if in 5 calendar days, that the registration and ownership is shown, that you won't be in violation, but while looking through the vehicle code, it states that the registration must be ''at the time of the arrest'' (I was not arrested, just stopped). If I bring the registration (the car was re-registered the next day) will the fine be removed?

Secondly, under 1322A, the officer never mentioned this. He just handed me the ticket. This refers to ''display of plate.'' The plate was displayed perfectly well, but had an expired registration sticker.

I am pleading not guilty if I can get out of these.

Thanks for your help.

Asked on 10/04/08, 6:05 pm

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Robert Weber Robert M Weber Attorney at Law

Re: Unregistered car and Display of Plate

I believe you are interpreting the language incorrectly. The saying on the ticket does not mean that if you register the car within five days- it means that you have 5 days to show that the car was in fact registered at the time of the citation (such as the sticker had blown off or was at home or whatever).

You will probably be able to get the secondary charge dropped. Police often trump up the charges in ridiculous ways. A big revenue raiser no doubt.

Fight it- but do not let it consume you.

Good luck.

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Answered on 10/05/08, 5:45 pm

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