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grandmother died left the house to all her granddaughter also all grands name are on the deed one granddaughter want to sell she is the executrix can she just sell the house cause she want to,on one else want to sell

Asked on 12/29/11, 9:15 am

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Miriam Jacobson Law Offices of Miriam N. Jacobson

Grandmother's estate has to be probated and the executrix is obligated to follow the Will as to who gets the house.

If the deed names several people as the owners, you should have a lawyer review the deed and the will. Depending on how the legal title is owned by the several people, the house may not even be in grandmother's estate and therefore would not be distributed under the will.

Executrix cannot go ahead and sell just because she wants to.


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Answered on 12/29/11, 9:51 am

Michael Duffy Duffy Law, LLC

First I'm so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. This is always a difficult time.

I'm not sure I fully understand the situation based on your question, but the executrix does not have the authority to do whatever she wants with the property. She must follow the intentions of the decedent as stated in the will. She may be allowed to sell the house, but you do have some options for how to address and possibly prevent that.

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Answered on 12/29/11, 10:09 am

I would agree except you do not indicate whether your grandmother's estate had any claims and if the remaining assets werre sufficient to pay those claims. If not, then the estate (house) may have to be sold.

Assuming that any debts/claims are taken care of, as a practical matter, it is not a good idea for this many people to own land unless they can agree on everything all of the time (a virtual impossibility). What needs to occur is that the heirs who want the house need to buy out the shares of those who don't. If the heirs can't afford to do that, maybe they can take out a mortgage/equity loan on the property. If the parties cannot agree on a price, then any heir can seek what is called partition of the real property. In partition, the court will order the land to be sold and the money divided if the heirs cannot agree on a price and division of the land. It would be a good idea if the heirs can come together and reach an agreement. If they can't, then you and any other interested heirs need to get together and speak to a probate attorney in the county/state where the estate for your grandmother is pending.

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Answered on 12/29/11, 10:36 am

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