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hello ALL

I'm from Saudi Arabia and plan to open LLC , i tried to find some info about how much tax i will pay if am open LLC in IDAHO ( Should pay State tax with federal tax or just the State tax) and also if want study at us , can apply for F-1 visa if am own LLC in US ,,,,,



Asked on 12/16/12, 5:24 am

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Messa El-Noor Abdullah.

I am an Attorney in the State of Texas, but not Idaho. For immigration work, with is Federal Court, which US State you are licensed in does not matter.

I do mostly Business, Construction and Investment State and Federal Courts, including for international clients. I also do some Immigration Law Investor Visa (E-5) appliations experience and am setting up a E-5 center early next year.

E-5 visas allow you to get a rapid Green Card giving Lawful Permenant Resident status in the United States, even if you are not located here. Then you can decide if you or your family members want to get the US citizenshiip in 3 years or not and stay on the Green Card.

Additionally, I have lived off and on for several years in Saudi Arabia while my Father was an American Advisor and Diplomat there when I was much younger. I've lived in Riyadh and Khamis El-Mushait and we knew many of the prominent families in both areas. Obvilously, from my KAZALEH name (whose spelling was changed when my ancestors immigrated years ago) I am of Arab descent as well. I'll try to help you any way I can as a courtesy.

What I did want to you know about was the E-5 programs that allow you and your entire immediate family to get full US Green Cards without being full time in the US. Maybe it is something your Father may be interested in and that could bring your in with a secure status without relying on a educational or employment based non-immigrant visa. However, sometimes the Saudi officials try to discourage dual citizenship, but the US does not take it just away. I realize with the way the laws and business ownership rules are in Saudi, a Saudi citizenship is valuable to keep.

If you are interested in exploring the E-5 programs, please contact me by email at my private account [email protected]

E-5 require the investment of $500,000 plus in a business in the USA and creation of 5 jobs. I have some businesses ready right now, There are also some State government programs that combine the investments with an ongoing business so there is very little if any irequired nvolvment with the business (no management, control, etc.) but instead a State supervised plan that allows the invsters and family to get very rapid Green Cards

Please let me know if you are interested in this !! Eventually, I want to come to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai to do presenations on these programs maybe later in 2013. For your information I also have a Real Estate/Engineering/Construction company and manage some investments for other through that company. .

If you are getting a Technical Science or Engineering Degree. I may be able to help you get set up as a United State Patent and Trademark Office Patent Agent which will be very very valuable even if you stay in Saudi Arabia and is in great demand there now.

Here is little more information on my practice (cut and past in your web browser address bar):

I keep a fairly low profile and have pulled off the web page to avoid wasting time dealing the improper contacts,and allowing me to choose who I want to rerpesent. Most of my work comes from Clients refering me to other people or returning.

Thanks! Please send me a number to reach you and a time to call if you want to talk!

My Arabic is very bad from a lack of practice, but I can understand it well.

Edward J. Kazaleh

Attorney/Mediator/Arbitrator/Graduate Engineer

5609 Val Verde

Houston, TX 77057 USA

(713) 659-1000 ............. [you will probably not reach me this way... send e-mail!]

(832) 200-2100 FAX

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Answered on 12/16/12, 11:58 am

Awad Majzoub on my own

Iam sworry I can only help you in connection with saudi arabia in which you will be required to pay zakat not tax and zakat is two and a half percent because you are a saudi

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Answered on 12/17/12, 1:06 am

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