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I recently was bribed by my local law enforcement to be an informant. I am no angel, but this is so wrong. I was charged with attemped check fraud, in august, and since then the law broke my door down, and told me to be an informant and cooperate with them and they would drop my charges, and if I didn't then, I would end up in jail. They called multiple numbers from my house, and tried to get these people I don't even know to agree to meet me for dope. I finally said NO, then they said are you sure? I said what are you going to do, you have no reason to put me in jail, and then they slammed me on the ground, went through my belongings, and found a vitamin bottle, one cop took it to his trunk, and I know he tampered with it, and he said, yep, I knew it, "arrest her for possession of METH", and they arrested me. My court date was today, 10/11/18, and they gave me a court appointed lawyer who was involved in this corrupt mess, he hates me and my family, and he is good friends with the judge, district attorney, and all the corrupt cops. I am desperate, and they know they are capable of destroying my life, and will to cover their own assess. please help me, I can't keep this lawyer, and unless I expose them, I will rot in jail. I need to go to trial in a different county, and I need a fair lawyer, but I have no Idea where to start, and I go back to court in 2 weeks. they wont even tell me what my charges are, please help.

Asked on 10/11/18, 6:05 pm

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Wes Ball Wes Ball Law

Being charged or investigated for a criminal offense does not lend itself to a "do it yourself" project. If the police propose a person become an informant to avoid a criminal charge, you should consult with expert criminal defense counsel before entering into such one-sided agreements that frequently become unenforceable.

While many times appointed counsel can be outstanding, you can never be sure the quality of the lawyer you are getting. Since you are not paying, you will get who they give you.

Knowing the Judge and DA are not usually deficiencies, but helpful relationships. I would be worried about having an attorney that does NOT know these important players in important decisions involving my future and my liberty. Also, you cannot change the county with jurisdiction over your case (absent extensive pretrial publicity). My advice is to retain your own lawyer. Look for someone that is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist which is some assurance that you are hiring a quality lawyer.

Wes Ball

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Answered on 10/12/18, 1:53 pm

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