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I reside in an apartment where I'm the only African American. During the 6th month of me moving in the maintenance has sent various Mexican males to my apartment soliciting sex. Two incidents happened as early as 2:00 a.m. I discussed the matter with my fa´ence. One incident happen at 6 a.m. with an Mexican man knocking on my door with a case of beer. When my fa´ence answered the door he tried to stick his head in the door and stated he was there for a friend. The last one happened at 12 noon. This man stated that his friend the maintenance man said that I was a friend and he needed a friend. I then left a message with the assistant manager and told her that if it happened again I would call the police and press charges on the men, maintenance and the management. Weeks latter I came home from work with the tank of the toilet broken. I completed a work order. When maintenance came to look at it he said that he would have to go and purchase a tank. That happened on a Thursday. As I call for three days I received no respond. Even though I have only one bathroom, I was told it wasn't an emergency. When I stated that I would call the city the following day when I returned home there was a tank replaced braced by a board to stay in place. Now when it was time to renew my lease it wasn't presented to me til 10 days later. When I entered the office to pay my December rent on the 16th of November I signed my lease a gave my money order. The assistant manager was unable to make a copy due to copier being broke but I was told that I would receive a letter when to come and pick it up. On the 10th of December I received a notice stating that even though I turned my rent in early they decided that rent was going up and that my rent has gone up $15 and that I had better pay it A.S.A.P. or I need to move. When I confronted management about it I was told that they forgot to tell me. Even though by rent was received with no issues. When I said that my new lease didn't state a raise in rent I was told that I had signed something else but as soon as she completed the new lease that's different I will be once again sent a notice to come and sign it. I request to see my file but was denied access, when I asked for the management main number I was told that they where advised to not give the number to no one. Two days later while at work I received a call from my then babysitter that the manager entered my apartment and was surprised to see that anyone was there. She just stated to tell me to call. When I came to the office to ask why would she enter my apartment without notice or me requesting a work order, I was told that she thought I had moved. Now I have paid all but $50 of but this months rent and I have received and letter not only demanding $105, but a $100 late fee also that they are feed up with me and that they do not want me to reside here any longer. In those exact way. What can I do to file against them for not only sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Asked on 1/27/13, 7:20 pm

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Mark Dunn Mark D. Dunn

Number one: Move out. Why would you want to stay in this horrible place with these horrible people?

Number two: Sue their socks off. Allege all the things you've told us about. Attach an affidavit (to your petition) that gives dates, times, details, and NAMES. Name multiple defendants, including the owner of the apartment complex (you may have to do some sleuthing), the management company, and the manager individually.

Ask for compensatory damages AND punitive damages.

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Answered on 1/29/13, 1:25 pm

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