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I gave birth to my son Logan on 6/23/2010 at NorthRichland Hills Hospital. I was to be induced due to the size of the baby and I had developed diabetes during Pregnancy. Everything was fine until the doctor broke my water & and they started the drip to induce labor.By the time I was ready for the epidural my pains were severe. The staff was short that day because of unscheduled absences of nurses. The floor was full of women in labor and had some waiting for beds in ER. Totally understaffed and very busy. There was a long delay before the anathesiologist showed up because there were too many in need and not enough help. By the time he arrived they had to turn down the drip to stop labor because stress on baby & mother. When finally came he attempted to hit the right spot for the injection but could not find it so he just kept turning the needle around and around trying to find the right spot. I was in so much pain by that point I made them stop . My husband could not take what was going on so He left and went for my mother. The nurse in charge asked for the other anathesiologist to come into the room and do it. When she arrived, the first one on another attempt thought he had it in the right place. so the second one left. Nothing was happening no pain had stopped my labor pains were more severe my back was hurting more where he had the needle than my pains. After what seeded like forever after my insistance on getting the other doctor back to do the procedure, that the other one was not capable of doing. She finally came made two tries and hit the membrame that was the target.In less than 10 min. and I finally had a little relief but my pain was still pretty severe. Al this time they had started and stopped my labor several times. When they started it back the last time it was real strong I guess to make up for lost time. This whole procedure had taken a very long time. It was then determined that since I was still havings so much pain they needed to give me more medicine to stop the pain. By the time all of this had taken place, the new medicine injected had time for it to work I was ready to have the baby. They had been so busy trying to get the epidural to work forgot to check on dialation. This was about 2 pm. The doctor had to be called. I then was so dead that I could not even help myself move up on the bed or turn etc. The whole time the place in my back was still hurting where they had first attempted the injection. I could not even feel my pushes. Really did not feel my legs at all. It took 2 nurses my husband my mother to help me with my legs and my pushes. My pains had been so close together all day that I was just worn out because I was in pain almost all day from one thing or the other. I was weak from not having had a thing to eat or drink since midnight I have no idea what my sugar count was. The nurse was so busy with all of the mistakes they were making I guess they forgot about that part. Logan was born about 2:50., and there was problems as well. He was turned upside down from what he was suppose to be so they were having a hard time getting his shoulder out because of his size.

My mom said," what is wrong with his head its so wrinkled white and blue" mostly like it had been just pushed together with a vice. Once he was out, according to my mother who was at the doctors elbow. there was just no sound coming from him at all.

the doctor slowly worked with the cord still no sound He said something to the nurse and all of a sudden a rush of nurses hit the door the doctor turned and handed him to them with no sound coming from him at all. All of us were in panic with the doctor the whole time saying it would be find his heart rate was still good. The whole time still working with me. Never once did he go to the baby. The nurses were working on him pushing moving him everwhich way but loose. We were all crying by then finally after it seemed like eternity he cried out. I know they called out the score and I believe it was 1, He not only did not breath but his head and face was bruised blue very out of shape, and after exaination found his shoulder had been strained, and his blood sugar was very low when they got him to the nursey. They had rushed him out I did not get to see or hold him for at least 2 or more hours due to his condition. They had to examine him for any more problems and watch him till he was stable. Finally, he was brought to us but he had to stay in nursery instead of with me because they had to observe. We had to stay extra days because of his problems at birth. He stablized and we went home. Back to me, all this time from the time he was born all the pain stopped but my back. To this day it still hurts just the same, has never gotten better. They gave me pain medicine at hospital said it would take a little while to get better. It didn't. I had hard time getting any relief except with the pills and the doctor did not want to give them to me. My medicaid was running out, I mother got me a appointment with a orthopedic specialist but I could only see him one time because my Medicaid did run out. I was told that the hospital was responsible for my condition due to improper procedures, the anathesiologist was at fault for improper procedures in attempting to give me the pain injection the way he did. By the way thru the grapevine so they say he messed up anoher girls back the same day the same way. The administrater of the hospital came to see me in the hospital and asked alot of questions about what happened said there would be a review by the hospital about what happened to me and I quess that other girl. We found out he had been suspended. After getting no help from my doctor, not having money to see my mothers doctor, I called admin. at the hospital and told them what happened and I needed help. They immediately had me seen and gave me pain medicine. Ordered a MRI of my back at there expense. I waited more than two weeks to get back an answer which was that they could not see what was wrong. Recommended me to a pain management clinic, which I could not afford, finally my gyn talked them into giving me a discount that I could afford. I am still going to them but all I get is pain medicine that is causing me to become addicted because I have been on it so long. My back is not better, now I have a new problem along with the old problem. I need to know what is really wrong with me. Get it fixed and get me off this bad medicine. I know this was long but it is necessary for you to see the picture.

There was neglect I think from the top to the bottoml. Starting even with my doctor. My first baby had a perfect birth, I never had any pain, after the eipidural was given, no problems afterward. Landen was born no blue marks or bruises, no hurt shoulder, and breathing Logan basicly was born almost dead. They had to resusitate him is the term they use for what happened. I think I have a suit with the epidural doctor , hospital, and even my personal doctor. There were so many mistakes made that day I would love to look at the real records. Please advise

Asked on 2/01/10, 4:05 am

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Go the hospital's medical records dept.

Get complete copy of medical records. They may charge you $.

What is the current health condition of your two children?

Have you seen a doctor for your pain or injuries since the birth?

Then, call a Dallas area medical malpractice attorney. Your records will need to be reviewed by a MD to see if there is a malpractice claim.

For free information on Texas medical malpractice claims, contact our office or send confidential e-mail at our website or visit


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