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I bought a car over 3 months ago, car was paid for with cash for the full amount, the seller told me they would have the title for me the following wednesday. well i didnt get the title because she went into the hospital because she went into premature labor and i didnt get a hold of her for another 2 weeks after that. well i got a ticket the day after the wednesday i was supposed to receive the title for the vehicle for invalid registration while test driving the vehicle after repairs, which the officer told me the plates were from 2007 and the seller told me the car has only been sitting for 2 months. well i have had this car for going on 4 months now and still have no title. when i went to court on my ticket and explained the situation they ran the background on the vehicle and informed me that the vehicle was not even registered the the person that sold it to me. After talking to the sellers uncle i found out they they had bought the car from his wife, at the time, who the cars name is still in. tried getting a hold of her and was unsuccessful. after all this i called the seller again and informed her of all this information and told her that i need something to happen here. well her husband got on the phone and told me "well what do you want me to do, im sorry we have not been able to get you the title yet. we have been in and out of the hospital with a premature newborn infant. If you want the money back on the car ill give you your money back." i Informed him that i have already put over $600 worth of parts into the car and what would cost over $500 in labor done by me. he said, " all i can give you is what you paid for the car, $450"

I have lost work due to all this and have gotten tickets due to the fact that i cannot register this vehicle. i would like to sue them for the price of the ticket, the money lost from not working and whatever else i can get for time and suffering.

What i would like to know is can i do this and what else could i possibly tack on for all the crap i have had to go through for this vehicle.

Asked on 4/19/11, 12:16 pm

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Mark Dunn Mark D. Dunn

Sue the seller for EVERYTHING - all of your damages - the total dollar amount. Let the Judge (or jury) tell you what you can or can't collect.

She's having problems with a premature infant? TOUGH. She's a liar and a cheat.

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Answered on 4/20/11, 12:02 pm

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