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I took my case to to the judge and im not sure if i should plea not guilty by judge or by jury. The reason I was ticketd was false report an officer made he said my brake light was out.He Came up to my car and said roll your window down I cracked it and he got mad and asked me to step out of the car. I asked him what did i do wrong?He got mad because I was asking him questions about who he was.Because he puled me over in a black truck and he didnt even have a badge or cop uniform.

He Handcuffed me then Arrested me.I still asked what did i do wrong He said i pulled you over for a no stop lamp which was BS I was standing at the back of the car and could see it was just fine plus it was daylight anyway.

And why would he need to arrest me for a brake Light?

They searched my car with out search warrant while I said You could at least ask me...Then the coop said can we I yelled NO!! You have no probable Cause.

So they issued me a no brake light and on the ticket it says they did not search my car which is a lie the video proves they did and the police video in dash cam shows that my brakes work.

What should I do I have already seen the judge and i have a month to fill all my motions before the 20th next month.I have all paper work showing my brake lights work Just had car inspected and went back to have Jiffy Lube Give me another receipt saying it was never broke.

Please help me on how i can get this dismissed Im really Mad this cop I think he was a cop. Lied and used and abused his athority to Arrest and detain me over a brake light that was never broke in first place.

Asked on 8/14/13, 1:20 pm

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Cynthia Henley Cynthia Henley, Lawyer

1) They can arrest you for the brake light. They generally don't, but they can.

2) Your car can be searched without a warrant and without permission subject to arrest for inventory.

3) Obviously you do not have the attitude or ability to control your words or temper to represent yourself and get a favorable outcome. If you want to win, you need to hire a lawyer who will most likely change to a jury trial - the right choice.

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Answered on 8/15/13, 4:51 pm

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