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I graduated from medical school and the state of texas asked if i had any mental illness. I got PTSD from IRAQ. CAn this prevent me from doing surgery?

Asked on 10/11/11, 1:34 am

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That is entirely up to the Medical Examiner's Boards. If they feel it is too severe, uncontrolled, etc.... they may decide that you do not meet the stringent mental stability criteria due to the unpredictability of flashbacks, triggers, etc.... As veteran myself that faces similar issues it can be frustrating and seemingly unfair, I know. There are sometimes other avenues if you do get a no; Or there is a way to word things in your application that would open doors to the same opportunity but on a provisional basis until they are certain that you can handle the stressors. Always remember that these restrictions are UNIFORM in theory but are applied on a case by case basis to not only ensure public safety but to protect you and your mental health as well as your medical license from complete loss and civil malpractice. Another thing to consider is whether or not you will be able to actually afford malpractice insurance with this in your history; it is something you should investigate prior to slaving away for years only to find another roadblock.

These are the very reasons why your VA benefits exist. PTSD changes our lives in so many intricate and unimaginable ways. Know that part of being and staying healthy is to face your demons and actively participate in therapy and mental health. This does so much for us in addition to building relationships with licensed mental health professionals that can go to bat for you and stand up for you at possible roadblocks (like certification boards, etc....) I have found that having a long history of "controlling your PTSD and maintaining mental health" has been the strongest evidence in favor of the veteran as respects licensure as nurses, counselors, lawyers, doctors, etc....

There is a great lawyer in Texas that retired from the VA Regional in Houston as a Vocational Rehabilitation Officer. He is a lawyer now and also a disabled veteran. His name is James Bayles. His phone number is: 281-782-4717. He is exceptionally adept at these very issues. He is trustworthy beyond reproach . You can let him know I sent you.

Good luck, keep your head up and never stop fighting. You deserve the life you dream of and it is within your reach. It may not be as easy to attain as it is for a non-vet but you are a strong, deserving person - never forget that. Thank you for your service to me and our nation!

Dot Meindok

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Answered on 10/11/11, 6:43 am

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