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I received an e-mail over a year ago in regards to a gentleman who was very ill due to espogul cancer and was not sure how long he was to live. He has money tied up in a charitable account in the UK that I became the beneficiary of. He has not passed away and states that I am the only one that can get that money for I am the beneficiary. As I stated to him, he is still here on this earth and the money is legally his (assuming that it has not all been a lie) which at this point I do not know. I need to know what it takes to have my name removed or if it is even a legal document seeins how he did not pass away. And although that the said fund is in my name and it is for charity can't he just send it off from the bank that it is at now to the charities of his choice without needing anything from me? I am being told that in order to have these funds transferred it is the law in the UK that I pay fees. I am not willing to pay fees for I feel that he can take care of making these transfers himself since he is in fact still alive. Is it possible for him to get this money back into his name or are there papers/forms that I need to sign to release myself from this money? Thank you for your help

Asked on 3/22/06, 3:49 pm

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Carlos Gonzalez Gonzalez Legal Associates PLLC

Re: Beneficiary

I worked for an Attorney General's office on cases exactly like this, either you have been a victim of a 'Nigerian Scam' as a previous posting states, wherein you are asked for money in exchange for some sort of service regarding legal fees, believe me it's a scam that has been going on for MANY MANY years and you would not be the first one to have been takend by such a scam.

however, a newer scam simply requests such information an your signing onto an account without asking for any money at all, seemingly harmless, however the account is the unsed in a web of money laundering accounts where money is transferred from one account to another repeatedly, Country to Country... and ends up 'clean' and back in the hands and accounts of organized crime figures.

much luck, any questions feel free to contact me and ask.

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Answered on 3/23/06, 6:13 pm

Antonio Maldonado Maldonado Myers LLP

Re: Beneficiary

You have probably been the victim of a advance-fee scam, otherwise known as the nigerian scam or the 409 scam. You should google the internet with those phrases and you will come up with hundreds if not thousands of similar accounts like yours of people that have been the victims of these scams.

Best regards,

Antonio Maldonado

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Answered on 3/22/06, 8:14 pm

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