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During my employment at a security company I experienced a situation were a supervisor and I discussed a comment made by another employee on my Facebook page jokingly calling me gay. I spoke to the supervisor explaining that my religious grandmother checks out my page all the time and that she takes things like calling someone gay literal. We both shrugged it off and went on our marry way. 

Later that afternoon several employees and I were disguising a popular game for mobile devices and our training officer said her had never heard of it. So my supervisor (the same one I spoke to before) asked if I had my iPad in my backpack I said yes, then he asked if he could use it to show the training officer the game. I allowed him to use it to be nice. 

I returned to my post and left them with my iPad,after about 15 to 20 minutes they both came in the room laughing and joking about my Facebook. I quickly checked my profile on my phone and found out the supervisor and training officer connected my iPad to the company wifi and updated my Facebook as " I just wanted to let everyone know I'm single and gay, I am now looking for a man to date" 

I quickly deleted the post and reposted that my boss hacked my profile and did that post. Before I deleted the original post I noticed over 10 people commented on it and it tainted some of my personal relationships as a result. 

I spoke with my lead supervisor who was aware of the situation a few days later and suggested that at our team meeting they should go over the harassment policy's so that there is not a issue in the future. Instead he had the same supervisor go to each of the employees and tell us we all need to be more professional. Basically letting the bully tell me I was in the wrong. 

For the last 2 months I have played along acting like there was no problem well I looked for another job. I would have went further up the chain but in the past when someone has made a comment about harassment they have been terminated within a short amount of time after they find some dirt on them. 

Do I have any grounds for a lawsuit? Or any legal action at all? 

Thanks for your time.

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Asked on 5/04/11, 5:02 am

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Alvin Lundgren Alvin R. Lundgren, L.C.

You could sue for the company creating a hostile work environment.

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Answered on 5/10/11, 8:01 pm

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