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Okay I don't know where to start.. I went to kohls a few hours and got caught shoplifting.. at first my friend and I were asked to go to the back by the lp officer and we were not going to get charged or anything it was going to be a warning since this has never happened to me before im not sure about my so called friend but things got serious when they found WEED in her bag I did not even know about it and im not scared to get tested ive never done it but the police got involved and they are telling my school about it im scared I run track and just got a letter from the naval academy I think that opportunity is done for me but besides that I have court im being charged with a misdemeanor.. and in the report it will mention I was with someone being charged for possession Im scared what will happen please tell me this is the first time ive ever stolen I don't know what I was thinking my parents already know too they are furious.

Asked on 10/22/13, 9:24 pm

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Jonathan Simms Simms & Harris, PLLC

There is a strong possibility that these charges can be dismissed and you can keep your record clean. You should not worry about being charged or associated with the weed since it was found in your friends bag and you were not in possession of that bag. Please feel free to contact my firm and we can discuss your options.

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Answered on 10/22/13, 9:45 pm

Sam Moore Law Office of Moore and Sripinyo, PLLC

You are right to be concerned and looking for help--not because this is the most serious crime, but because you want to protect your reputation, your record, and your future plans.

Once Kohls turned this matter over to the Police, it is in the Commonwealth's hands to decide what to do. They may decide to take no action or they may decide to charge you with a crime--either way, it would be best to speak with an attorney before making any statements to the police or any other investigator. Even if you think you are explaining the situation and being cooperative, your statements can be used against you.

I recommend contacting Mr. Simms or another qualified Virginia defense attorney that you find. You can also contact me directly by phone to set up a free consultation. Regardless of what you decide to do, best of luck in this situation.

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Answered on 10/23/13, 6:14 am
Michael Hendrickson Law Office Michael E. Hendrickson

If you already know that in fact you're being charged

with a misdemeanor offense, you need a competent

criminal defense counsel to represent you NOW!

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Answered on 10/26/13, 11:17 am

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