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I need some help for my research paper.

Hi I'm junior at James River High School and I need some help. Please can you answer these 10 question. I'm doing this research paper for my English class about the career I want to take in college and I chose to be a Family Lawyer. So please help.

1. What educational requirements exits?

2. What training facilities exist?

3. What certification(s) does this profession require? (process, time, and typical costs to acquire them.)

4. What are the typical workday 9-5, shift work, on-call, or other.

5. Is this seasonal or annul employment?

6. What duties, tasks, and activities does it envolve?

7. Tell me a little about a ''typical'' workday.

8. What is a likely entry-level wage/salary and what is the likely progession?

9. Please tell about the career path for advancement.

10. Can you please include any other relevant information that I forgot about?

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter. I've been doing some other research since Friday but I haven't been the lucky and now I lost a lot of time. this is duo tomorrow. Thank you, thank you.

Asked on 3/19/06, 10:14 am

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James Wilson James H. Wilson, Jr., Attorney & Counsellor at Law

Re: I need some help for my research paper.

Congratulations on your decision to become a lawyer and your interest in Family Law. The practice of law is a noble profession, dedicated to the service of others. Family law includes not only divorce law, but also prenuptial agreements, marriage, juvenile law, adoption, paternity, domestic violence, spousal support, child support and visitation, property settlement agreements and equitable distribution.

1. In order to practice law in Virginia, you must be admitted to the bar by passing the bar examination. You can qualify for this by one of two ways: by competing the course of study at an American Bar Association (ABA) approved law school and obtaining a Juris Doctor degree or by reading the law under an attorney.

2. There are many law schools in the U.S. If you wish to practice in Virginia, you may wish to attend one of the six law ABA approved law schools in Virginia, which include George Mason University, Regents University, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, William and Mary, and Washington and Lee to obtain additional study in Virginia law.

3. The profession requires no particular certification.

4. Practicing law is not a typical job and workdays vary. Most attorneys work hours in excess of the typical 9 to 5 workday.

5. This is not seasonal employment.

6. The duties, tasks and activities of a Family Lawyer involve interviewing clients and witnesses, performing research, preparing legal documents, negotiating with parties, and representing a party in legal proceedings. An attorney may also be involved in marketing, networking, or other activities to generate business for the firm.

7. There is no “typical” workday. The variety of duties, the opportunity to help people in their most important relationships, and the human contact are just some of the best aspects of practicing law as a Family Lawyer.

8. The Association of Legal Practitioners reported that in 2005 the median salary for first year attorneys ranged from $67,500 to 125,000. Your career progression depends primarily upon your commitment to and concern for your clients, your people skills, your ability to generate business for the firm or yourself, and your ambitions.

9. The career path for advancement is varied and depends entirely on the individual attorney. Many Family Law attorneys value the independence and flexibility of having their own practice or practicing in a small firm, while others appreciate the resources, efficiency and prestige of becoming part of a large firm. One of the benefits of practicing law is the ability to shape your own career path.

10. The practice of law requires hard work, dedication and commitment. Family Law is an area of practice which requires empathy and sensitivity. Family Law offers a wonderful opportunity to serve others and contribute to a better society.

I wish you well in your chosen career!

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Answered on 3/19/06, 8:39 pm

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