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Guardianship scam

My mother had a guardian of the person for 6weeks. The attorney and the guardian charged a total of $18,000. The commissioner rubberstamped their request for pay.They submitted the report late in violation of a ct order and statute. The commissioner was unconcerned. The request for reconsideration and revision were denied. I knew it was a scam, but I never thought to analyze the itemized statement. Finally I realized that it didn't add up. I went through item by item. Calls, meetings, visits, conferences didn't match. There were numerous double charges and errors. The director worked two sessions on a one sentence correction of her own irrelevant mistake for a total of 41/2 hours. I submitted a grievance to the board. It was rejected as having been resolved by the court. I wrote individually to the Supreme Ct. the authorizing agent. Justice Bridge told me to resubmit. I spent hours and hours on it - they violated at least 18 of the 20some standards. Again it was rejected under Rule 23 as having been decided on by the ct. I simply wanted the standards applied to the greedy behavior of these crooks. My motion to vacate was rejected and I was dunned. Can I try for criminal charges. On it's face the bill is bogus.

Asked on 4/30/05, 1:03 am

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Elizabeth Powell ELizabeth Powell PS Inc

Re: Guardianship scam

I too am deeply appalled by what goes on under the guise of professional guardianships. However, please don't contact any more judges - it is called ex parte contact and is absolutely prohibited.

What you need to do is get a lawyer. You need to pony up the money to pay a lawyer you trust to sort this out, and the sooner the better. You need to hire someone you trust and let them do their job.

Would you do your own heart surgery, or allow a friend to do it for you? No, of course not. I know it seems as if all we do is talk, but the field actually involves some fairly intricate thinking and a lot of very complex interwoven rules.

If you are serious about getting this fixed, get counsel.

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Answered on 4/30/05, 10:42 am

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