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i purchased a truck from a large dealership and they gave me a 3 month 3000 mile warranty. i also purchased a 3yr 36000 mile warranty. it has been having trouble with 4 wheel drive. it has been in shop more than i have had it since i bought it. which warranty are they required to use and if they cant/wont fix what are my options? i live in wisconsin and it is a 2006 ford f150 4x4

Asked on 3/12/17, 6:42 pm

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Your rights in a dealership add-on used vehicle warranty are more or less set forth in your contract, since the WI Lemon Law and many other consumer statutes don't apply to used vehicles. A close analysis of those rights will often prove to be a disappointment, in my experience, making add on warranties virtual scams in many cases. However, at a certain point, if you can prove that the seller lied to you, you might have a misrepresentation claim, if you proved that they lied about its condition via the written opinion of a qualified independent expert. You won't even get to that point, however, unless you first spend the money to sue. As a practical matter, the cheapest option that might make for sense for you is to cut your losses and get rid of a lemon used vehicle, since drive train problems are not apt to improve with age, allowing these to become somebody else's problems (as has apparently already happened to you at least once). If you wanted to pay a lawyer to read your contract and advise you on options, however, you would be able to make a more informed decision on your next move. The same might apply to having the vehicle problems reviewed by an experienced, independent mechanic.

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Answered on 3/13/17, 4:29 am

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