************ Flashlight legal research

You can search the opinions of many state courts from the search window in the top frame. Just select the state that you want to search from the drop-down menu (labeled Choose Court), enter the keyword(s) you want to search for in the box and press "Search". The search results will appear in this window. If you want to search for the same keyword(s) in another state, simply change the state from the drop-down menu and press search.

The advantage of this resource is that you can search everything from one place. However, you don't have the "fine tuning" capability that you have when searching from the actual state section in our General Legal Research area. In order to bring a unified interface, we had to make some sacrifices.

Naturally, only resources that are available for free on the Internet are provided here. Unfortunately, as a consequence this collection is not as extensive as we may all wish although it grows all the time.

The following abbreviations are used in the drop down menu: SC = Supreme Court; CA = Court of Appeals; JT = Joint Supreme and Court of Appeals opinions; XX = Problem with search engine .