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I am licensed in Virginia (only). I usually practice in Prince William, Fairfax County, or Alexandria in VIrginia. I am also available for coverage for other law firms from other States and areas. I am seeking appellate cases for attorneys, with considerable experience writing Virginia State and federal appeals briefs and handling the various details of appeals. I am also offering to help with adoptions especially after remarriages, name changes, your wills and trusts, disputes over child support (too much, too little after changed circumstances), child visitation schedules, etc. I have many years experience in debt collection and I am experienced in defending against creditor lawsuits as well as defending against general lawsuits. I also defend in criminal cases like DWI, reckless driving and similar criminal defense cases. I prefer to use modern technology and flexibility to keep my expenses low and provide legal help while earning what I need as a salary. I have seen that it is a terrible thing to have legal rights or legal protection, but be unable to afford justice. In the past, when I worked for expensive law firms, I had to turn away so many small businesses and individuals who had valid legal claims but could not afford to pay. It would cost them more to pay the law firm than their legal case was worth. Now, I want to help such people, especially small businesses. Despite my 19 years as an attorney, compared with other law firms, I charge only $175 per hour. However, I also offer a pro bono program discount at up to 50% off -- or $87.50 per hour -- for those who can demonstrate that they would be unable to afford an attorney without the discount. For example, sometimes the total amount in dispute would be less than the legal fees for fighting for them.
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