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Terry A. Nelson has over 40 years experience in the state and federal courts in California, offering attentive and friendly personal service to clients. We emphasize and have a broad range of litigation experience in both Criminal Defense and Civil Litigation matters. This includes: defense of felony and misdemeanor criminal cases [including DUI]; litigation of harassment and discrimination claims under ADA [disability], Title VII Civil Rights [race, sex, ethnic origin, religion, pregnancy, etc], ADEA [age], FMLA [medical land pregnancy eaves], Whistle-blower, and similar statutes; litigation of Elder Abuse and major Personal Injury. We also have extensive experience in corporate matters, including formation, business consulting, bringing and defending business claims, general counsel duties, and membership on Board of Directors. Call for free phone consultation, or contact us by email with a brief description of your case and claim for the attorney to review and provide an opinion.
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