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Legal Question in Workers Comp in California


I was recently diagnosed with a

Myeloproliferative Disorder (Essential

thrombocythemia) I tested positive

for the JAK 2 gene mutation. This

mutation can be caused or triggered

by Exposure to or being in the

environment of Petrochemicals such

as benzene and toluene, industrial

solvents. I worked with and hauled

these products for several companies

over several years for auto part

companies, Industrial solvent

manufacture/suppliers and toxic wast

companies hauling in and out

refineries, airports and waist facilities

etc. After several test I was given a

final diagnosis on 3/09. I have been

disabled since 1995 with painful

symptoms of this disease including

depression. I also read my life

expectancy can be as short as 10

years with this disorder and there's a

possible chance this will evolve into

Leukemia. If a comp case can be filed

on any or all of the chemical

Companies I worked for I want to do


Asked on 5/01/09, 9:39 pm

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