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Criminal defense that works when all else fails: DWI, reckless driving, possession of illegal substances, misdemeanors, felonies. All types of Criminal Defense in collaboration with criminal defense expert, the famous Northern Virginia legal consultant "THE DWI GUY" NORM BRADFORD (a legal expert not licensed in Virginia, but assisting my law firm through our licensed attorneys). If you are serious about criminal defense, you need to call. Criminal dfeense work requires payment in advance, based on a flat fee schedule. For 11 years, I have performed General Litigation and most areas of law in Northern Virginia down to the Richmond area and in between. I have often advised people who want to represent themselves, giving advice, strategy, help on pleadings with payment by the hour. While I am willing to do it all, and usually have, I also think it is the client's right to acquire as much or as little outside help as they choose. I don't believe in charging you for things that you want to do for yourself, whether investigation, etc. My fees for Civil litigation are $150 per hour. Licensed only in Virginia. Not currently practicing in Federal Court or Bankruptcy Court, though planned in the near future. Not licensed before the patent office. I do not currently handle capital murder cases (death penalty) or appeals.
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