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We know the law. We know how the law applies to a wide range of legal matters, from family law and divorce to business law. In fact, our founding attorneys demonstrate their knowledge by serving as adjunct professors teaching college courses on the law. Perhaps more important than our knowledge of the law, is our knowledge that the law may need to be applied differently depending on each client's unique needs. At the law firm of Patel & Warren, we are more than litigators. We are counselors. Our attorneys take the time to learn about the individuals and businesses we represent, taking great care to customize legal strategies. When you turn to us for representation, you can be confident that the service we provide will be based on your unique needs. Innovation in Pursuit of Results Despite the complex nature of practicing law, the legal industry is reluctant to adopt new ways of doing things. We aren't. We embrace the use of new technology, technology that makes us more efficient and cost-effective, technology that is expected at only the largest law firms in the country. Our law firm is a paperless work environment. While hard copies of important documents are stored as a failsafe, everything we need exists in an electronic format that makes retrieval and preparation faster and more secure. In terms of document preparation, we used advanced software to assist in certain aspects of the process in order to save time and money for the individuals and businesses we represent. Our law firm strives for flexibility in how we structure fee arrangements and in the manner we pursue a legal matter. Depending on your needs and the requirements of your case, we may be able to accept a contingent fee, an hourly rate, a flat fee or a combination of different fee structures. Our lawyers are committed to providing quality representation that works within your budget.
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