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At Insight Law, we are a dedicated tax legal firm that focuses only on tax legal issues between taxpayers and the IRS, or State of Washington. Have you been contacted by the IRS or the State of Washington? At Insight Law, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, we help our clients efficiently resolve tax disputes, and minimize their tax liability. We can protect your rights, and help you explore every option for tax relief to obtain the most favorable outcome without having to deal directly with the IRS or the State of Washington. We apply a value added approach to minimize your tax liability for the lowest possible cost by eliminating any useless steps that only increase your cost, but will not decrease your overall tax liability. Don't let a full-service firm that does many different things handle your tax matter. You will find that many of these firms do many different things poorly and inefficiently to maximize their own gain. They will even choose solutions for the taxpayer based on the maximization of their own revenue. We handle only tax matters at Insight Law, and as a result, our attorneys know this area of law. Rather than dealing with many different areas of law to maximize firm revenue, at Insight Law we only focus our attention on learning every aspect of the ever changing tax laws. If you are having a tax problem, you need an experienced tax attorney, and not a national chain of enrolled agents and CPAs that charge you a lot and provide little in return, or an expensive large firm that delivers the same service for many times the cost. At Insight Law, we believe in client-centric service and place a heavy premium on prompt client communication, while still providing top-notch representation from an experienced local tax attorney at a fraction of the costs of the larger firms. Our attorneys are experienced in every facet of tax controversy. If you are facing an audit, Notice of Deficiency, litigation, lien, levy, or garnishment, and you need a tax attorney to represent you before the IRS, or you need representation in a tax matter against the State of Washington, let Insight Law be your representative. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Burien, you will find us to be conveniently located wherever you are located. We handle all tax matters including Income, Employment, Property, B&O, and Estate and Gift Taxes. Even if you already have an outstanding Washington State or IRS Tax Debt, and are already subject to a lien, levy, or wage garnishment, we can help immediately. You need a motivated and thorough representative to help you explore all of your options to reduce your overall tax liability. Our attorneys will use a comprehensive, strategic approach to minimize your liability and achieve the best possible outcome. Insight Law can help provide immediate relief by stopping liens, levies, and garnishments, while working with you to reach a more permanent solution. Contact Insight Law today to arrange a free consultation, and if we don't think we can provide a viable solution to your tax problem, you will owe us nothing.
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