Create the Living Will you and your Loved Ones Need Today

By | May 7, 2008

Everyone has heard about a case involving a dispute over life-prolonging medical procedures. The stress and anxiety such decisions entail are impossible to imagine until you are burdened with having to make them. The only possible worse scenario is being prevented from carrying out your loved one’s wishes regarding life support treatments and care. One way to spare your loved ones from suffering through either of these predicaments is to create a living will.

It is your right to decide in advance about the medical treatments you will receive during the end-stage of a terminal illness, or in the event you become permanently and irreversibly unconscious. A living will form is the legal means by which you make your wishes regarding life-prolonging medical procedures known.

The decisions you are legally entitled to make vary according to your state of residence. Regardless of where you reside, it is in your own best interests and in the interests of your loved ones to put your wishes in writing in a legal document.

Many people wait until they are in their senior years before thinking about creating living wills. Yet, accidents or unknown medical conditions may place an individual into a persistent vegetative state at any time. By creating a living will, you help provide your loved ones with some peace of mind in the event the unthinkable occurs. At the same time, you will ensure your wishes regarding life-prolonging medical care and procedures are followed.

You can obtain the forms you need to create a living will that complies with your state’s laws online. With very little effort and at a surprisingly low cost, you’ll have the living will you and your loved ones need today.

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