Driving on the Sly: How to get yourself arrested, more fines, and further loss of driving privileges.

By | March 10, 2016

Thousands of drivers everyday drive on the sly. That is, they are driving without a license, valid insurance, warrants, etc. They drive with the fear of being pulled over by the police and are most likely to drive off after having a wreck. This life is nerve wracking because the loss of transportation can mean loss of job, inability to see loved ones, and loss of freedom to travel. If you are one of these drivers, you need to learn the possible consequences of your actions.

You Might be Arrested

If you have a warrant, you will be arrested. If you like a valid license, insurance, or registration you can be arrested. If you are arrested this can result in a loss of your job, the humiliation of being arrested, and the impounding of your car.

It Will Cost You Money

If you have a warrant, you will need to be bailed out. This will cost you money for a bondsman, court costs, and any money lost if you need to work. If your car is impounded, you will need to pay to get it out of the impound lot, plus the storage fees for how long the car was stored at the lot. You will also have to pay for the tickets you receive for the violations you have avoided. Lack of insurance can cost above $400.00.

Loss of Driving Privileges

An arrest while driving can encourage a judge to revoke your driving privileges. If you receive more tickets, this means points in point system states which add up to driving revocation. Some states prevent drivers from receiving a valid license for a time period.

How to Prevent All of This.

Stop pretending the situation does not exist and begin taking care of the issues. Contact a lawyer and begin the process of paying your fines and ridding yourself of warrants. Contact insurance agencies and find affordable insurance. Much of these problems are because of a lack of money and resources, so try to save what money you can and find out what the exact costs will be, they may be less than you think. Face your punishment on your time. If there is a possibility of jail time, find a way to serve it on the time you want, not a time which will cause you loss of job. Take control of your life and stop driving every day in fear.

About The Author:

  • Attorney- R. Christopher Simons, educated at William Jewel College and UMKC-School of law.
  • Practicing law for over 7 years.
  • Licensed in Missouri and Oklahoma.
  • Regional Kansas City, Missouri attorney; situated in historic “Rockhill Ridge” Brookside community.

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