How to Get a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Colorado

By | June 27, 2016

Getting a traffic ticket is very disappointing, knowing that there is no other way out besides paying it. But what most of you don’t know is that how to get a speeding Ticket Dismissed in Colorado. Traffic laws of Colorado are quite strict and authorities are very particular about enforcing them. However, there could be a number of possibilities including misjudgment on part of the law enforcement authorities, and if dealt properly you can get your traffic ticket dismissed. Of course a good Colorado traffic ticket attorney can provide you the right guidance regarding this, but by following some effective steps, you can also get closer to your objective.

Attitude matters

Having a calm and respectful attitude during traffic ticket incidents always helps. While having a traffic stop or a trial, always try to maintain composure and good manners as the judges and the prosecutors notice every detail about a defendant, including their body language. Although the situation could be quite stressful and the questions asked might be aggravating and inflammatory, maintaining a calm tone is important. During a trial be prepared about the fact that the prosecution will try to pressurize you in every way to find flaws in your actions.

Try to convince the officer

You can call up the officer who issued you the ticket, write a letter to him or arrange the meeting with him and try to convince him to dismiss your ticket. Just requesting them won’t work so present yourself with a good story or reason that motivates the officer to let you out. Try to bridge the officer-civilian gap and plead for mercy. The officer has the authority to drop your ticket and you have the right to talk to the officer.

Gather information 

If you want your traffic ticket to be dismissed, gather and organize as much facts as you can. The more information you have, the better you can present your case. Some of the important information you should focus on include radar readings, weather condition when the ticket was issued, time of the day, insurance and registration details and also some inconsequential facts like clothes worn. Although some of these may not seem very important initially, they could help you greatly in navigating through the entire procedure smoothly and would keep you armed for defending yourself. Also, go through the details just before the trial to prepare yourself well.

Understand your case and rights

Understand your case as well as what rights you have. On getting a ticket, first you’ll have a hearing where you would be required to plead guilty, not guilty or anything else. Following this you will have a trial and the judge would decide your case. Don’t get nervous as you have every right to have a full participation, in an attempt to defend yourself.

Check the availability of the opponent

When you are in the court, don’t forget to check if the officer who had issued the ticket is present or not. Sometimes police officers fail to show up for the trials due to various reasons. In such cases where the officer cannot present his side of the case, the court often dismisses the ticket.

Make notes

Having a small notebook is advisable in the hearing. While the prosecution is presenting the case, you can make notes about anything important or anything that you don’t understand so that you can ask about it later while cross examining the witnesses. This would help you to present your case in an organized manner, without missing out any relevant points.

Hire a good lawyer

Some legal assistance from an expert is always the best option. If you are doubtful about how to get a speeding ticket dismissed in Colorado,you can hire or even just consult a good Colorado traffic ticket attorney who can guide you well. Having a clear picture of what to expect and what are the laws that might work in your favor could help you greatly to win the case.

There are ways to get your traffic ticket dismissed and you just have to find out which one suits you the best. But whatever be the case, being well informed always helps.


Getting a traffic ticket might disappoint you big time, but the good news is that you can get your traffic ticket dismissed. Knowing the rights and details of the case is very important if you want to get rid of it. Court hearing and trials often tend to make people nervous, but the best way to achieve your goal is to remain calm and polite and gather as much information as possible to present yourself well during the trial. However, in case you find the legal procedures too complex to handle consult a good Denver traffic ticket lawyer who can guide you throughout the procedure.

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