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By | June 13, 2007

Hurricane KatrinaYou ever notice how something good really can come out of something bad? I know, it’s an old cliché. But it really is true. Take Hurricane Katrina for instance. When Katrina hit, I had just put my 11 year old New Orleans area law practice on hold to work on my L.L.M. at Tulane Law School. After the first week of school, I told my classmates “I will see you on Monday” and never saw them again. Hurricane Katrina struck that Monday, and Tulane never reopened that semester. My classmates scattered throughout the world.

Many people affected by Hurricane Katrina have experienced similar situations. Before Katrina, many of them had never been out of New Orleans, let alone Louisiana. This experience has pushed them out of their comfort zones and exposed them to new people and places. Their minds are much more open now and they have a new perspective on life that they probably wouldn’t have had Katrina not occurred. Don’t get me wrong, Hurricane Katrina has caused horrible suffering – suffering that continues (sadly) to this day. But out of every suffering is an opportunity for growth. Life is unexpected, and one must learn to adapt. Often times, we need to take a step back to make a leap forward.

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