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By | August 4, 2016
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When you take a look a various Patent Prints you will see that they have different elements. These are the parts that are required for a Patent Drawing to be valid and eligible for filing. Over the years some elements have been done away with and others have been added. For example Patent Drawings used to contain Signatures of the Inventor and of at least two witnesses. Eventually that was no longer a requirement. On the other hand most modern Patent Drawing Filings will have bar codes in the upper right corner.

Regardless of the changes there are elements that have always been in a Patent and will always most likely be a part of it.

Various Parts of Patent Prints

The first page of a Patent Illustration Document has the heading of United States patent Office. Other elements include

Name of inventor(s) and city, state and country of residence. Additional pages only include the first initial of the name and full last name.

Name of Invention: This is usually a short generic description of the invention. For example the Patent for the iPhone would not call the invention “iPhone” but something more like “mobile telephone”.

Date Patent was granted: This is the date the patent was granted. The date is based on when the patent is officially published and sometimes you will see patents “granted” on New Years or Christmas day. Some Patents will also include the date the Patent Application was first filed. Over the years the position of the date has moved to various locations.

Patent Number: This is the patent number for the invention. Regular Patents will have a US in front of the patent number. Design Patents will have USD  in front of the patent number.

Patent Drawing: This will be a drawing of the invention. Often there are several pages for the drawings that will show the invention from various angles or will show details of the invention.

Witness signature: Older patents will have the signature of two witnesses on all drawing pages.

Inventor Signature: The name and/or signature of the inventor

Attorney Signature: The name and/or signature of the Attorney for the inventor

After the drawing there will be one or more pages describing the invention.

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