Vehicle Damage Claim Settlements

By | August 18, 2016

Claims for vehicle damage are less confusing than car accident personal injury claims. Personal injuries will have a larger settlement amount rather than vehicle damage. As a result a car accident property claim may be settled over the phone. Demand letters between you and the adjuster are probably not needed. Therefore within one and three weeks after a settlement agreement the insurance company will send the check.

A document included with the settlement you must sign. This release form relieves the insurer from liability. While in some cases the document will come before they send the check. Once the signed release returned and the insurance company is relieved from further claims.

Use Caution Signing Anything

Use caution when signing anything is key if you have a personal injury claim. Vehicle damages may be settled singularly. Signing a release form not cautiously read could end the other claim. The document should state “Property Damage” or “Property Damage Claim.”

On both check and release form ensure it separate from the personal injury claim. The check should not be signed or cashed when not certain. Because it could end the injury claim. Send a letter getting confirmation that this settlement for only property damage.

Signed Release is Permanent

As a result, a signed release becomes permanent for property damage. The funds for repair of a vehicle becomes final with the signed release. If more damage found in addition to the claim. It does not matter. Therefore knowing all damages in a claim may be important. Estimates should include a check for hidden damage on the vehicle. Since finding it later will mean paying the price personally.

Compensation is a right to collect from the negligent driver’s insurance company. Known as a third party claim. When the other person has no insurance you can file a claim with your own insurer. It’s also known as an uninsured motorist claim.

Fault and Settlement Amounts

Financial compensation will depend on the amount of fault by the other person for damages. First of all, fault measured by degrees for vehicle and passenger car accidents. Comparative negligence will determine the settlement amount. When making a claim for damage against your own insurer fault does not matter. Since collision coverage paid despite fault.

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