What are Declarations Forms, and How are they Used?

By | May 9, 2008

Declarations forms are an important tool businesses, individuals and organizations use in a variety of ways. They are often used as part of the completion of transactions, such as in real estate sales. Declarations are also used as verification of important statements in business dealings by individuals, corporations and in courts.

If you intend to rely on a declaration as a statement to satisfy a legal requirement or regulation, consider using a declaration form prepared by an attorney. You can of course hire an attorney to provide you with declarations forms, but this isn’t necessary.

You can obtain declarations forms that have been prepared by attorneys at a much more affordable rate online. Simply fill in the relevant information, including the statement of declaration, and have the declarant sign and date the declaration form.

Affidavits are a special kind of written declaration made under oath and authorized by a notary public or other qualified official. An affidavit is considered a written form of evidence, and is the type of declaration used in most court proceedings. Additional information may be contained within an affidavit that isn’t always included in other declarations forms. For instance, the place where the affidavit is signed before the officer is often noted.

It is important that affidavits be written in the correct form, which usually involves numbered paragraphs and appropriate headings. You also must be certain affidavits are signed in the correct place in the presence of a qualified witness. Like other declarations forms, you can obtain affidavit forms that have been prepared by attorneys online at very reasonable prices.

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