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Back in 2010 mi 18 yo brother at the time was arrested for spiking my drint. He was later said to be incompentant enough to go to trail. However, our local news station did a story about it on tv and also put an article on their website about what happened. Last week, my sister posted the story to facebook from the tv station and tagged me in the post. I also shared it since it was a true event and i was the one it happened to. We made comments on it, all which were true but some of my other family members saw it and told my parents about it. They called me and said that they were going to have my sister and I charged with slander if we didnt take our posts down. Can they do that even though the article was true and the comments we made were all true?

Asked on 6/22/12, 11:33 pm

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Glen Ashman Ashman Law Office

If they want to spend ten or twenty thousand dollars to retain a lawyer they can sue for anything. That doesn't mean they will win. It is extremely unlikely that a Facebook link to an actual new story could be slander (if anyone could be sued it would be the TV station if the story was false). To be safe, post your link with NO comments. Unless someone actually sues you, I would lose sleep over such a ridiculous statement (and you can't "charge" someone with slander anyway).

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Answered on 6/23/12, 6:57 am

Lawrence Lewis Lawrence Lewis, P.C.

You are playing a dangerous game. How did the story of your spiked drink come out? Did you commit some criminal offense, and blamed it on alcohol you did not know was in your drink? Did your brother do something sexual to you, and you claim you don't remember because he spiked your drink. Why would he have been arrested, and adjudged incompetent to stand trial? No prosecutor is going to waste his/her time with a brother put alcohol is a sister's drink case. So something else happened, and your parents are basically telling you to shut your mouth, But you don't have anything else going on in your life, so you are trying to revive your 5 minutes of notoriety. Either you or your brother are going to get burned in this gaem you are playing. Good luck. I believe everyone gets what they ask for.

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Answered on 6/23/12, 10:44 am

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