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My question is related to the compulsary attendance system in professional courses.In an exam-oriented education like ours how can attendance be a criteria for detaining a student?We are supposed to attend 85% classes.This comes down to 75 in case of medical or sports or for the matter any other activity.So we can miss 9 classes for a given subject in a semester of 6 moths or approximately 52-54 classes.The real problem is we dont really get anything out of it if we dont understand the teacher.And on that our degree certificates are made based on our marks in external and internal examinations.So why attend classes when we can pass all these exams without going to classes.And i am not talking about all the subjects,but only those which we dont understand in the class.And moreover how can attendance which is a non contributor to our performance in these courses decides whether we should repeat a whole semester wasting a precious year.With the attendance sword hanging around our neck the whole time, we cant really learn anything new which is a necessity for courses like engineering.So please help me out with any way i can challenge this rule or atleast know the reason why i need to attend classes where i understand nothing.I tried asking our college management about this and the only answer i got was to leave the course if i dont want to attend classes and not the reason for why to attend.

Asked on 9/26/13, 2:20 am

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Dear Sir / Madam,

Just like there is this famous saying : "A Man is known by the company he keeps." likewise there is a similar saying : "A lecturer / professor is known by the number of students he / she draws to attend and listen to the lecture".

I fully endorse your view that it makes virtually no sense making attendance in College a compulsory criteria to determine a student's eligibility to appear for the examinations. Brilliant students may not need to attend lectures, and still be amongst the toppers of the College and University. At the most, if a student regularly misses lectures in the College, all that the College ought to do is to bring it to the attention and notice of the parents by way of an email communication, to absolve their responsibility. You may gather a group of students together, and speak to the Principal of your College on these lines.


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Answered on 9/27/13, 2:56 am

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