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I was married when I was 16 years old going on 17 and my husband also was 23 at that time.It was all whirlwind.. I was abducted by my husband and he threatened me to hurt some of my friends. so we run away together. I just woke up one morning and he told me that we are getting married in that very same day. everything was already arranged by my husband. I was alone in that place where our marriage took place my parents didn't know that I got married. When we got married he has already a property a land and a skeleton of the house. We had 1 son and unfortunately he is a special child but i love my son very much..I was so blinded at the time that he was a drug dependent since he was 13 yrs old. Now we are separated for 20 years now but occasionally we visited him in his parents house and because my son cannot go there alone i need to accompany him. Recently Atty I heard that the property of my husband was sold all the transaction was managed but his father and his father also use most of the money on his personal interest and their family needs. They didn't inform me about the selling. I'm asking them a little amount for my sons trust fund since he will be forever dependent to me. But they don't want to give and they just said it's up to my husband to give me cause he already a share of the selling of land, but I found out it's a very little amount now my husband deposited the money on his account and it's also and or with his father meaning he can't the money without the approval of his father. now atty. my question is can we have a little share of that money sold from the property? Just recently I found out that our marriage was registered in the NSO and I got a copy of it. we didn't sign any pre nuptial agreement or any marital settlements before we get married?

we get married? I was begging them already but they just told me I have no right for the said property cause it's already existing .. They ask me to file a case if I want cause they are just waiting. And atty they also said they will file me an adultery case since they heard that I already had somebody and they have evidences like pictures they got from the net. Can they file in behalf of my ex husband cause my husband now is not capable of doing such cause he is still under medication cause he has down syndrome which the effect of his being drug dependent before? I didn't get out of that marriage without a cause my life and my son's life was in danger that's why I decided to leave..

Please atty. help me..

Thank you and more power

Asked on 6/26/13, 12:07 am

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yes, you are entitled to the share.

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Answered on 6/26/13, 9:24 am

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