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My father ran away from his home when he was a child from his village because they were not letting him to study and forced him to do field works, etc. So he ran from his home and went to Hyderabad and worked there for a period of time, and he got an opportunity to work in Cine Field. As time passed by he came to know more about that field and he made that itself his carrier. Once he had a chance to go to Chennai and there he meets a girl (my mother) and he fell in love with her and after so many objections he married her in a register office with no relatives nearby. Life went on and they begot we three of us (me and my two brothers). Now after 30 years he went back to see his mother whom he thought is waiting for him and indeed the woman has waited for his son to return for almost 30 years She died before two years and in her lifetime she had earned for her son 6-acres of land so that she can give it to her son after he returns, but the people around those area had advised her that he wont come and that you are wasting time on this. So what she did was she wrote 3-acres on her daughters name 1-1/2 on the elder one and 1-1/2 on the younger one stating that when he returns you have to return it to him taking a minimal amount of money which is only 20 thousand each. The situation now is because she died and there were no proofs in-person for her saying so, they are asking a huge some of money which is 60 thousand each and they have also given us a very short period of time to pay the money. Our grandmother have helped them so much and she even did the marriage of their granddaughters when their husbands had no job for almost 10 years, and elders daughter's husband even died. Grandmother have given them their shares as dowry and now they want share from this land also. Please give us suggestion on how to handle the situation.

Asked on 5/11/13, 6:30 am

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shiv shakner saini saini law

Was this written is registered? what is market price now is more then 60,000 each?

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Answered on 5/11/13, 10:05 pm

Jayesh Desai Jayesh Desai

was this a conditional gift? Was it registered?

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Answered on 5/22/13, 7:19 am

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