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My 83 year old grandfather was made ward of the state and has a conservator from Birmingham Alabama. I am his granddaughter and wanted to know does the conservator set aside a sum of money to pay for my grandfather's funeral and all related costs before settling other outstanding bills. I tried to get a number from him and he will not give me an answer. I am his next of kin and I know before the state took his life over he had set aside 3 seperate 1,000.00 life insurance policies (which I believe he was paying on) and a paid burial plot certificate). I feel I am being given the runaround because he will not answer me with a number. I am afraid I will go to Alabama when my grandfather passes and their will be none of his money left to bury and give him a funeral. How is the above situation handled by the State of Alabama. Should I get a lawyer to have something put in writing.

Thank you.

Asked on 11/07/00, 4:25 pm

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Re: conservatorship

Yes. That sounds like a good idea, to get a lawyer to put something in writing.

However, I must say it's rather strange to even have a conservator involved (and a lawyer at that) in a situation where you are concerned about covering funeral costs. In other words, there's probably more money there than you know about. It'd be good to have someone keeping tabs on the conservator, perhaps just checking court filings and seekings to have accountings made to a supervising Court (judge).

Warning: this advice may be worth no more than what you paid for it, and could even be more harmful than no advice at all, so please take it only as an ill-informed shot from the hip written in response to too little information supplied to a relatively ignorant ... you get the drift. Seek competent legal advice based on full disclosure and an opportunity to have the legal issues and facts researched, and taking whatever time it takes to do that correctly and well.

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Answered on 11/17/00, 11:24 pm

Re: conservatorship

Correction to my first sentence of my previous reply: I think it's a good idea to (use a lawyer to) obtain something in writing from the conservator, as you originally asked.

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Answered on 11/18/00, 9:36 am

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