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How do i get proof that an officer may have tampered with urine sample in order to convict of 11550. When i took the urine test i noticed that there was a powder substance on the bottom of the cap, but i didnt think nothin of it until my test results came back positive. I also have the police report that have many lies in it. Also alot of things he left out. Like when he asked if he could search me i said no, he told me that wasnt the answer of a innocent person. I was just tryin to use my rights. But obviously i have none. He says that he noticed my eyes were dialated then he noticed a white filme edge of my mouth. wouldnt you have noticed the white film before my eyes. He said he took my pulse for 30 seconds it was only about 15 sec he did this for. Asked me last time i used i told him a week ago he thought i was lying he said he would let me go, he asked me again i gave him the same answer. so he arrested me . i said i wanted a lawyer and he asked me again about the use i said fine i did use today under the impression that he would let me go. He also lied about why he pulled me over at night on my bike no lights. When i was walkin my bike when he pulled me over not riding. I can proove all of this with the audio video from police car. I have a public defender but he seems to want to just get me convicted then try to here my part. If i have to I will let them know that i know about the money the pd and da make off of my conviction. or bring my bitrth certificate with me, because thats the name they want to convict. As a human being im not under there corprate laws. Anyways thanks.

Asked on 7/26/13, 3:23 am

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Kelvin Green The Law Office of Kelvin Green

I think you have asked this before. You asked for a lawyer but kept talking. Cops lie to get you to incriminate. What difference does it make that they took your pulse for 15 or 30 seconds...does it make a difference if you are walking or riding a bike. It goes to credibility but won't acquit you.. You talk about the money they make off you... And a birth certificate. If you think those will make a difference you will be thinking about it in jail. You are subject to the law... You made admissions that may be enough to convict... You won't be able to prove sample was tampered with. You have a PD work with them or hire an attorney may be providing you good advice

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Answered on 7/26/13, 5:48 am

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