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Hi i really hope you can help me, I am a very frustrated and stressed employee. I have been working for our newly opened store for almost 4 months now. I have still not gotten the hours that i should deserve. New employees who have been there for only a few weeks are getting the full term hours that i have begged my manager for. My managers don't do anything to help with our store (chipotle mexican grill). They are in the back chatting and laughing while i am in the front by myself along with the cashier while it is peak hour and i am handling more than 10 people in a line. I am running up and down the store trying to keep it as best as i could because my managers don't really care at all. It seems that the employees who are hanging out with the managers outside of work are getting all the hours while i am here wondering what am i doing wrong. Everytime i ask for feedback about my performance i get "Um,You are doing good i guess" Its such a dysfunctional store and it seems they are trying to fire me for any little thing possible. Putting a lot of pressure on me so i CAN make a mistake & i did, today.

I spoke to my manager today and she has said that i have a very low work performance, But what i do not understand is how would she know when she is not even in the front of the store watching what i do but in fact in the back on the phone and chatting with other managers. I have delt with other employees making me feel uncomfortable because that employee was bullying me, telling another co worker of mine she is going to slap me. I have tried speaking to my managers about these things but it seems they don't care at all. My managers don't care wether on my work performance but because i do not try to be friends with them. I am so stressed and now my manager says she is finding a replacement for me, she has lied twice to me telling me i will get more hours and i never received it. Please give me advice. I think this is so unfair.

Asked on 10/06/13, 8:12 pm

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Charles Perry Law Offices of Charles R. Perry

It is unfair, perhaps, but I do not see anything unlawful about it.

You can register your feelings with your human resources department, to see if someone there can help you. This company or store may simply not be a good "fit" for you, however, and it may therefore be wise for you to start looking for another job rather than to continue to try to make this one work.

Best of luck to you.

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Answered on 10/06/13, 10:55 pm

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