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son was nearly killed by trolley

my son was nearly killed by the trolley when he was about 7 months old. i was very young myself . i was geting onto the trolley to go to imperial beach , when i tried to get off the doors jammmed on my arms when my son was in between this something happen to make him fall on the ground . my sister was already out of the troley and a lady tried to push the button for emergency and it didn't work....i panic....and the trolley finally stopped. i ran crying all the way to the trolley to see if my son was not hurt. he was bloody and hurt and crying......and i was ambulance came to get us and took us to balboa naval hospital, where they gave him x rays and the trolley supervisor shows up trying to get me to sign some paper in which i refused,.

the doctor told me my son was pretty bruised up and had a small head injury.....and some injuries to his body like some scrapes. he had a large bump to the middle of his head and the doctor told me it would probadly take years to know if it hurt or gave him perm damamge.

well today there is proof and my son is disabled.

Asked on 5/08/01, 1:28 pm

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Michael Cortson Law Office of Michael D. Cortson, Esq.

Re: son was nearly killed by trolley

Your son's statute of limitation doesn't start until he turns 18. He can always file sooner. Where exactly did the accident happen? Who, if you know, owned the trolley? What are his disabilities and has a doctor confirmed them? How much has been expended in his treatment? What further treatment does he need? Is he on medication, and if so, what kind? He certainly may have an action but I need to know the answers to these questions to get started. I practice in California and Indiana. I commute back and forth.

Michael Cortson


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Answered on 5/10/01, 5:33 pm
Jeffrey Zinder Zinder & Koch

Re: son was nearly killed by trolley

There are many issues involved in your situation. It may be that your son can still proceed with an action, however, there are potential Government Claim Statutes as well as statute of limitations issues which need to be addressed ASAP. You need to consult with an attorney NOW. Your son may have until his 19th birthday if this is a private trolly and not a city or county owned or operated system. If so the claims statutes have much more severe restrictions. If this happened in California you can contact my office.

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Answered on 5/10/01, 6:03 pm
John Bisnar Bisnar & Chase, LLP

Re: son was nearly killed by trolley

I am sorry to hear about the burden which you are having to carry in helping your son deal with what appears to be a recent diagnosis of his permanent disability. Before I can suggest how I can help you alieviate some of your burden, there is some very imporant information (important to an attorney) which would help me advise you on how can proceed.

1. You wrote that your son was 7 months old at the time of the incident. How old is he now? How old was he when you received the "proof" that your son is disabled?

2. What is the nature of your son's disability. Did your son's doctor tell you that the disability is caused by the incident on the trolley?

3. Do you know the names and addresses of any witnesses to the event?

4. Have you received anything in writing about the incident from the trolley company, San Diego City/County, or any insurance company or claims management company?

I am ready to hear more from you so that I can suggest further action for you.

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Answered on 5/10/01, 7:58 pm
Robert Brennan Robert F. Brennan, APC

Re: son was nearly killed by trolley

It sounds like this may be something our office can help you with. Please call us for a free consultation. We can do a phone consultation, or if you would like, we can set up something so you can meet with us at our offices.

When you call, please ask for Rachel Garrison or Amy Wang - they are paralegals at my office.

Tel: (818) 249-5291

(888) 465-6665

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Answered on 5/11/01, 11:45 am

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