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Discrimination due to Pregnancy

Im a fld sls rep for almst 3 yrs & Im 37 wks prgnnt. My sls are avg w/in the co.I have asked for help from my boss & his boss several times because I was afraid of how accts would look at me & if they think I was not coming back each time told I was being silly, they didn't have time right now, we'd schedule it soon but never did. I had problems in my pregnancy after 6 mos the doctor said I could still work but would need to restrict time on my feet. The bosses agreed I could still do my job & wrk from home a few dys/wk. I have had accts that wouldve normally been given to me after another employee left cause they were in my area been given to other employees & was told this was because I was pregnant but, I still have to cold call to get more accts. I finally got one day of help & was ridiculed all day for not being aggressive. I was calling on an acct that my boss knew of but felt I wasnt aggressive enough & gave it to someone else instead of helping me with it.My boss left a message saying my job performance &I were pathetic because I wasnt aggressive enough. Prior to being pregnant I never had a problem w/being aggressive. I fwrd the message to his boss & told he was just doing his job.

Asked on 10/21/02, 2:12 pm

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Brendan Chao Brendan Chao - Attorney & Counselor at Law

Re: Discrimination due to Pregnancy

Are you still employed by the company? You've described the conduct, but there must be an adverse employment action (termination, demotion, etc.) before you can pursue a discrimination claim.

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Answered on 10/22/02, 11:34 am

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