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my company own a business website for auctions , i got the hosting from USA company call

so from more then 65 hours the system its down and still until now i talk with them everyday and told me that will fix about 6 to 8 hours and nothing happened so

i lose money every hour ,i lose traffics ,i lose advertising time ,i lose customers trust ,... so what i need Compensate for this loss what is your Opinion?? about this case and how we can start to do that



Asked on 4/05/13, 8:18 am

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I am a Texas Lawyer who does significant litigation/lawsuits involving business matters and formerly owneed an Internet company long ago. I also own part of an internet marketing in other fields.

If your site is located out of Egypt the situation is more complicated. I have dealt with similar issues out of Ethiopia (where internet service is run by the Chinese government) and Saudi Arabia. I have heard that they have placed significant restrictions and are commonly facing disruption in Eygpt since the revolution.

I just looked at Bighost's website. Keep in mind that the service agreement you have with bighost including language that says they are not responsible for occurences out of their control, such as local connections or for damages resulting from downtime. Also, it looks like and I susptect they are simply a reseller of someone else's broadband. Their fees are almost below what ICANN charges for base fes, so their profit margins are slim and likely they make it up in charging fees.

If they exists at all in the USA, their inforation traces back to California, but frankly, they could be anywhere in the world.

Personally, I've hd good sucess with which is actually based and real company with hundreds of their own employees in Houston Texas. You can easily sign up for a reseller account and have as many domains hosted there as you want, even billing your own customers and have support pages showing your logo. That looks exactly like what bgihost is doing.

However, keep in mnd, what ever you do, you will still have to deal with the local connection issue on your part. If the entire site is down from everywhere and you are not maintaining any active SQL databases at your location (such as for inventory) then it is Bighost. Just drop them and move on since it would cost you many thousands of dollars to deal with the problem here. You can set up a new host account and point your site there in about 20 minutes.

What is your site anyway? If you need to reach me, use our website to get to me. I get hundreds of garbage emails a day from these kind of listings and may not see your email if you reply here.


Edward Kazaleh

Houston, Texas USA

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Answered on 4/05/13, 12:15 pm

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