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Me ex is on his 4th attempt to gain custody of our now 11 yr. old son. I have as his mother had full physical & legal custody from birth till temporarily, it was removed just shy of 4 years ago. 1st & 2nd: Alabama. Success for 24 hours & 3 weeks. Both times, custody was returned to me. Why? His lies are in writing. 3rd: Michigan. Success wasn't able to get custody but established contempt of visitation even though my car was broken down and I couldn't drive thousands of miles to meet him. 4th: Florida. Established a modification for domestication after hiring a lawyer in a county he lives in but the child and I did not. This is 2 years after he refused domestication in Duval County after hiring a different lawyer.

He then assaults me with the assistance of his current wife in front of our then 7 year old son. This is within weeks of hiring the lawyer and filing in this other county all so far without my knowledge. Then, He (with the help of his lawyer and victims advocate) uses pictures of scratch marks and all of the other lies he had used against me (pro se) to not only get an injunction against me but also temporarily gain custody of our son. That "temporary" is still going almost 4 full years later in 2 counties including 5 judges. In addition, I have spent over $22K, had 3 lawyers and have lost everything. My ex has used the injunction to: get a psychologist to see my son for 3 years with no contact with me at all, I am banned from my sons school with no incidents, I have an order for visitation but have gone months at a time with no contact over the last year, he has filed false police reports trying to have me arrested for violating my injunction in both counties. One county breaking into his car and leaving behind a water jug & plastic bag. The other, breaking into his house and leaving my then 10 year old pregnancy test behind to let him clue.....neither case was I charged, only one case was I even questioned. Both are closed as well as every other false thing he has filed or accused me of. He is my only accuser.

I am an upstanding, moral citizen of this city with very high ethical standards based on my profession. I work (7 years) in the public in this city as an American Sign Language Interpreter. I have a B. A. in Psychology; undergrad Deaf Studies; 3.41 Psi Chi. I have not one accusation against me for anything by anyone else in this world other than is related to this ex and this case. My very core has been shaken by his ability to drag this out "under the radar" so long. I have not only had 3 lawyers and given my 100% to this for 4 years, I have written and talked to MANY others about this case: ie; David Abromowitz, Legal Aid, and others. They all seem powerless in their ability but not lack of desire to help me. I am at this point ready to assemble 50 pages (significant) in a paper type format with my exhibits as my references and submit it to a list of people probably 30 long that have been involved just in this 4th case here in this state along with a few others who need to know. Now, I don't need to chop my head off here but.....he now says give up my rights......I have none!!! None that I'm being given by him that is and I'm done being silent! I was assaulted by that man 4 years ago. Look at the scratch marks to see how hard I was fighting to get way! See that for the last 4 years he has been allowed to assault me over and over by being given power with lie after lie and case management after case mgmt. but no hearing!

I look forward to your answer.

Asked on 7/20/13, 5:41 am

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John Smitten Carey and Leisure

Not sure what your question is. If he wants to litigate then you need to defend yourself by getting a lawyer.

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Answered on 7/22/13, 1:57 am

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