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I was recently in a personal relationship with my supervisor, which I initially avoided, but throughout my employment she would get upset with me when I didn't speak to her or pursue her - so I felt obliged for my job. When I divulged personal and private medical information to her in order to avoid issues at work, she shared my embarrassing information to all her friends in the office - which in the medical field I know is a HIPAA violation (this was not a clinical facility so it may not apply, but is wrong nevertheless), and was a very harmful breach of my privacy. She had her friends monitor me closely in the office and report back to her, and they collectively started rumors multiple times (her included), held me to an unreasonable standard, criticized and gossiped about me for things entirely unrelated to work, and ultimately made me feel very uncomfortable and (this might constitute harassment and a hostile work environment). She was always cautious to defer accountability for the circumstance in email or office IM'ing, and when I accidentally mentioned my frustration with it all to another employee, I was chastised by the company VP and ostracized in the office until I apologized for implicating her - ironically honesty, freedom of expression, and accountability are key company tenants. Despite that it took her over a month to mention she had another boyfriend, she got very upset with me when another woman in the office spoke to me, and even waited in the parking lot one night while I worked late to spy on me. Although she would get upset with me so often when I wouldn�t pursue her, when it ended she ultimately got most upset when I did and she no longer wanted me to (although she was not clear on this and I continuously asked her to be if I were mistaken), and she pushed me to quit. And despite being the most promising new employee the company had, they would not let me return two days later when I told them it was a mistake to quit, and it was circumstantial - although this was my mistake, I have serious speculation that discrimination played a role in the decision (my medical condition) as well as her personal vendetta, and I was ultimately held solely responsible for the whole fiasco (the office being officially and unofficially dominated by her female friends). Do I have a case of some kind here?

Asked on 12/21/15, 8:48 am

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You still working for them? Who was employer? Where are they located? How many employees they have? Do you believe termination was based upon discrimination, or complaining about illegal actions or based upon an on the job injury? Were you paid hourly or salary? W-2 or 1099? Feel free to call or e-mail to discuss further. Did you go online to file for unemployment? Are you owed any wages or overtime for which you were not paid?

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Answered on 12/21/15, 9:33 am

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