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I have been appointed an attorney by the court through indigent defense. I mean no disrespect or maliciousness in nature towards her. She has not let me know or kept me up-to-date about my case, court dates or status. She is trying to force me to take a plea or scare me about trial. Is she going to admit that? Of course not. After I was appointed her a month-and-a-half went by before she called me. We spoke one time on the phone. She emailed me what she had. Then she got my discovery in March. She told me she could not see me until September which I understand attorneys are very busy. September came and went she could not see me until October. She told me that my blood test confirms my guilt. I've never been in trouble a day in my life. I have a history of medical issues and I'm the only one to be able to drive my children and myself to our day-to-day activities. The discrepancies I noticed on the blood test is a muscle relaxer I never possessed nor took. also the morphine and zofran administered to me at the hospital was not on the blood test. Of course it would have been on the blood test given IV. They did the entire panel. Luckily, I have a medical degree and clinical lab background. The chain of custody is already messed up stating in the police work that it was a woman that you're my blood even though it was a man. I apologize about the details but this is pertinent information she is ignoring. She's telling me I will not get out of this with a felony. How do I go 32 years clean record with medical issues being on medication and one day I just crashed the car? a dog ran out in front of me and my brakes were not working I have witnesses on it but she's refusing to look at that. My entire life is in jeopardy and my children's lives with these potential convictions. If I had the money to hire my own attorney I would have already fired her. My question is how do I go about terminating my current court appointed in order to get another court appointed? I have lost all faith and confidence. I can't trust anything she says. I know that the court appointed and public defender side of law is inundated and underpaid. Because when I leave her desk another indigent defense will come including the multiple one she's already working on. should I speak with the supervisor of indigent defense and show my proof and my concerns? Or do I write to the judge and motion for a Marsden hearing here in the state of Georgia?

Asked on 11/14/19, 5:51 pm

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Lawrence Lewis Lawrence Lewis, P.C.

You can inform the head of indigency or write to the judge. There is no one correct way. Make sure when you get another attorney you get a trial attorney, and be ready for the consequences IF the jury says guilty. Luckily you have a medical degree. Unfortunately, you do not have any experience with jury trials. Good luck.

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Answered on 11/14/19, 6:42 pm

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